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2014 Vol 7 No 3


Mayor Caldwell recently signed a law that will affect businesses that provide bags to customers at check out. It will go into effect July 1, 2015. A previous version of the bill allowed biodegradable plastics, however that has been eliminated. 

The new law allows check out bags that are made with Compostable plastics, is printed with the BPI logo for meeting compostability standards, and printed with "Compostable" on both sides of the bag in letters at least one inch in height, or within a band at least one inch in height. We currently have a factory that can do that with a minimum of 8,000 pounds per order.

Other options for check out bags include recyclable paper bags, and reusable bags. 

Under the law a recyclable paper bag is a bag that is 100% recyclable and contains a minimum of of 40% post consumer recycled content, and has the words Reusable" and "Recyclable" printed in a visible manner on the outside of the bags. 

Under the law a reusable bag is a bag with handles, specifically designed and made for multiple reuse. It can be made of cloth or other washable fabric, or durable material suitable for reuse, including plastic at least 2.25 mils thick.

Please call us for information and quotes on packaging that complies with the pending new law. 



Wausau Restroom Solutions

Are you ready to update your restroom? Give us a call and see how we can save you time, money, and go green at the same time.

Our Wausau Green Seal certified products include 100% recycled paper towels and toilet tissue. Better still, our paper and soap dispensers are designed to control use and lower maintenance time. We'll be happy to arrange a demonstration, to show you how we can save on your restroom costs.

Our dispensers are supplied and installed at no cost to you. They are unconditionally guaranteed. If you have any breakage or problems with our units, they will be replaced or repaired, period.

Call us to set up an appointment today, ask for Carlson Mun.













Jungle Fun and Hawaiian Island Creations

We like to think of our paper shopping bags as walking billboards. Our shopping bag factory makes that easy by offering an unbelievable deal for new customers. Here it is, for any "New Brand" they will offer FREE printing plates for up to three colors, up to 100% coverage and FREE shipping to the West coast on the first order. Better still, all their packaging exceeds the post consumer recycled paper content in the new packaging laws set to go in effect for Oahu. 

We think that the shopping bags ordered by Jungle Fun and Hawaiian Island Creations are a really good deal. The size (12x7x12) fits a wide range of uses. It was originally designed as a food take out/grocery style bag, and restaurants really like that the seven inch gusset fits their take out containers, but Jungle Fun fills it up with lots of prizes, and Hawaiian Island Creations can use it for their t-shirts and shorts.

The flat handles in brown or white kraft means that this bag is more cost effective than shopping bags made with twisted paper handles, including bags much smaller than this size.  This flat handle is similar to the handles found on Trader Joe's bags.

Minimum order is 5,000 bags Call us at GBC boxes & Packaging for a quote for custom printed bags today.










Free Delivery!

One of the best deals in town is our free delivery offer. Order $100 or more and we deliver at no additional charge, to any business address on Oahu.

What if our delivery truck will not be in your area in the next few days? We send it to you, via UPS, on our dime.

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A Revolution in Bags!

GBC is proud to carry the products from Revolution Bags. The first company to provide a complete line of EPA-compliant trash can liners that don't cost more and perform just as well as bags produced with virgin resin. Let us do a demo for you.

Our bags start out as agricultural irrigation tubing that stays out in the field the entire growing season.

This tubing is collected and recycled over five states, in a process created exclusively by Revolution bags. The result is a very strong bag that is made from recycled material and is LEED eligible and SCS certified. And the best part is that it can save you money call us for a demo.










GBC Does Non Woven Reusable Bags

Most of the Non woven reusable bags we do have a silk screen imprint, like the bags we did for the Leilehua High Mules in Wahiawa .  But we can also do multicolor "Color Magic" imprints like we did for the Gabby Pahinui Waimanalo Kanikapila. You can order as few as 100 bags. For custom sizes you need to order 1,000 bags. Call us for bag options and a quote.