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2014 Vol 7 No 2

That Giant Sucking Sound

If you have heard a giant sucking sound coming from Ala Moana Shopping Center, you must have been near the food court where Big Island Abalone has opened its Kona Abalone store. GBC Packaging  helped out by providing Big Island Abalone with two custom printed paper shopping bags and a  custom printed poly t-shirt handle bag for their retail packaging. Both bag types are biodegradable and comply with the new packaging laws for Oahu.

Another bag we have just done is for Eden in Love at Ward Warehouse. EdenInLove.JPG

Did you notice that both Kona Abalone and Eden in Love did two paper shopping bag sizes? Since both were a new brand for the factory, we were able to offer them the same deal of free printing plates and free shipping to the west coast on their first shipment, on both bag sizes ordered. 

The paper bags are made with 100% recycled fiber and a minimum of 86% post consumer recycled content. We also offer six handle color options, and printing with any non metallic PMS color, with no up charge.

Ready to get some custom packaging that doesn't suck? Call us at GBC boxes & Packaging for a quote for custom printed bags today.



Wausau Restroom Solutions

Are you ready to up date your restroom? Give us a call and see how we can save you time, money, and go green at the same time.

Our Wausau Green Seal certified products include 100% recycled paper towels and toilet tissue. Better still, our paper and soap dispensers are designed to control use and lower maintenance time. We'll be happy to arrange a demonstration., to show you how we can save on your  restroom costs.

Our dispensers are supplied and installed at no cost to you. They are unconditionally guaranteed. If you have any breakage or problems with our units, they will be replaced or repaired, period.

Call us to set up an appointment today, ask for Carlson Mun.













GBC Does Non Woven Reusable BagsWallysFarm.JPG

Most of the Non woven reusable bags we do have a silk screen imprint, like the Wave of Change bags we did for a convention for the Society of Professional Journalists.  But we can also do multicolor "Color Magic" imprints like we did for Wally's farm. You can order as few as 100 bags. For custom sizes you need to order 1,000 bags.  An example is the custom bag with the star print that we are doing  for a mortuary in Toronto Canada.  Call us for bag options and a quote. 




Free Delivery!

One of the best deals in town is our free delivery offer. Order $100 or more and we deliver at no additional charge, to any business address on Oahu.

What if our delivery truck will not be in your area in the next few days? We send it to you, via UPS, on our dime.

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A Revolution in Bags!

GBC is proud to carry the products from Revolution Bags. The first company to provide a complete line of EPA-compliant trash can liners that don't cost more and perform just as well as bags produced with virgin resin. Let us do a demo for you.










GBC Poly Bags that Comply with New Laws

A new law is set to go into effect next year for retail packaging on Oahu. Any bag distributed to customers at check out needs to comply. Banned are non recyclable paper bags and non biodegradable poly bags.

Say goodbye to the up scale paper bags with the hi gloss plastic coating. (They can't be recycled.) All the paper shopping bags we have been doing for the past several years, are 100% recyclable, better still, for most of the bags we do, the minimum post consumer recycled content is twice what the new law requires.

For our customers with custom printed poly bags, we have been using special additives that allow the bags to biodegrade when exposed to sunshine, moisture and microorganisms, and comply with the new regulations.

But what about our poly bag customers who need check out bags, but don't want, or need, custom printed bags? GBC Packaging has been bringing in stock poly bags that contain the additives needed to biodegrade and comply with the new laws. We don't have them for all our bags sizes, but as our older stock is depleted, they will be replaced with packages that are biodegradable.